From: Disruptor (The)

To: Oamen

RE: Opportunities, Further


I’ve prepared this “follow up” on the opportunities we originally discussed as promised.  I have also listed a couple of new ones, since I figured you wouldn’t mind…


v    PSI

Ø     As I mentioned in the earlier “wrap-up”, PSI may lack muscle.  This is born out by an email I received from “GorgonOne” this morning – almost certainly Medusa (one of the two members of PSI we know by name and face).

Ø     New! Specifically – the email said that PSI has long been curious about Esper, a rogue mentalist they’ve never had contact with.  “GorgonOne” would like us to help correct that discrepancy.

§        Complicating things – Esper has not been seen or heard from since she was last spotted near Michtendorf University.  Primus attempted to apprehend her without letting the public know, but somehow the press got alerted and the result was a public panic.  No one was actually killed as a result, but it’s believed Esper used the panic to cover her escape.  She hasn’t been seen since.

§        If we take this job, we really don’t have anything to go on beyond her final place of appearance – Michtendorf University.  If you’re interested I’ll prepare a dossier.

Ø     Additional note: that little trick of PSI’s at their base interests me.  There are uses for an illusion field capable of operating at that kind of area without affecting visibility within the field.

v    The Defiants

Ø     At some point, we will need to find out if I’m right about a major (or THE major) base for the Defiants Proper being located to the north of here, near Arkanum.  I’m not looking forward to it either, given the dearth of information and the risk of even looking for information.  But if we don’t go looking for them, they may come looking for us.

Ø     Reminder – if you want to go to Sanctuary to try and contact the “Isla Delta” branch of the Defiants, you’ll have to go without me.  Not that I have any problem with you doing this, but I wouldn’t be welcome there (Hyperion, the founder and operator of Sanctuary, has publicly stated I’m one of the few people he could justify killing).

§        New!  If you did want to go to Sanctuary, winter is their busiest time of the year.  Of particular note, their annual charity Nova Games tournament kicks off soon.  Then there’s that whole “tropical vacation” thing…

v    VIPER

Ø     Why in the world would VIPER be smuggling a ground-up aspirin derivative like it was a narcotic?  That’s a very interesting question in itself, that leads to some even more interesting questions…

§        If they didn’t know what it was, why didn’t they test it?  Who performed the switch?  WHY did they perform the switch?  If this was a plumber’s trap, who did they expect to run into (is that why Gargantujuan was so quick to think we were the Defiants?)?

§        If the DID know what it was – what does VIPER know that we don’t?


Ø     Luckily for me, there’s a Subway (the eatery) right down the street from the old warehouse I suspected they might be operating from.  Made staking the place out more tolerable.  Anyway, if ARGENT is operating at that plant they’re being careful – no trucks came in or out of the main entrance.  However, I scanned the place from above, and the back of the property is heavily wooded.  They’ve made no small effort to disguise their presence, but somebody is in there.

v    Super School

Ø     I’ll confess I’ve been too busy with ARGENT and some of the others to look into this much more.  I’ve compiled a partial list of candidates, but nothing worth risking yet.  However, if you want to make this a priority I will.

v    Kelvarite

Ø     I’ve seen nothing to make me believe the samples of kelvarite held at the U of Louisville have been removed.  If anything, a recent report I snagged off the internet would suggest there might be more there than I had previously estimated.

v    IHA

Ø     New!  The Institute for Human Advancement went and did something interesting – they’ve announced plans for a national rally sometime in the near future.  A location has not been disclosed yet, but believe it or not scuttlebutt is strongly suggesting that Dayton, Ohio is one of the top four candidates.  (The other three are: Las Vegas, Nevada; Millennium City, Michigan; and Tampa Bay, Florida.)

§        Why does this interest us?  For one thing, remember that the IHA wants the four of us dead simply because we’re novas.  Anytime that many people that want me dead are getting together, I want to know what’s going on even if I can’t plan on showing up with a sniper rifle…

§        More importantly, I’ve picked something off the scuttlebutt wire that concerns me: apparently the IHA is ready to “come out of the closet” politically.  There’s always been strong indicators that they had more official support than was publicly known.  Could it be that they believe they have enough support to make a real go of it in the open?

·        Personally, I doubt it.  The American people love their novas, you know.  Heck, there’s even a fan club for ME out there, and you know I’m about as unpopular as they come…

§        Getting back to the point, though, just because they don’t actually have the support doesn’t mean they don’t think they have the support.  They may also have reason to believe more support is forthcoming – a lot more people are a lot more nervous about Doctor Destroyer’s return announcement than will admit it.

Ø     A convoy of 17 trailers has requested permission from the city to move through Oxford, Ohio later this week.  You may remember that I suspect the IHA has a storage facility in or near Oxford for its Minuteman robots.  Coincidence?  Probably.  Still, they specifically mentioned that they don’t want a police escort…

v    Champions

Ø     I don’t see how you could have missed the hoopla, but in case you don’t watch the news – Jaguar made it official.  He’s had nothing but trouble out of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and his contract to be their domestic defender has ended.  He didn’t spend long as a free agent; as expected he signed up with the Champions as member #6. 

§        That’s a particular concern for you, should we find ourselves up against the Champions again.  Your darkness fields would be of little use against his enhanced senses, and he’s a fearsome hand-to-hand combatant.

Ø     Having said that, here’s an interesting update on the rumors they’re “buddy buddy” with Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow – five members of T2M attended the ‘welcome party’ for Jaguar.  Nobody on Caestus Pax’s level, mind, but that’s still a little unusual.

v    Justice Battalion

Ø     Nice to meet you, excuse me while I run…  Confronting them was inevitable, really.  I’m sure that you know a few things about them (having lived a good part of your life in this part of the country and all), but I’m putting the finishing touches on a dossier about their known members.

Ø     The three we met – Victory, Mega, and Gargantujuan – are also three of their most powerful.  As poor Sting learned the hard way, they’re heavy hitters that work well as a team.  Perhaps if we could find a way to confront them individually?

Ø     I’ve done some more research on those subway tunnels that I suspected might allow covert access to the Union Terminal – the HQ of the Justice Battalion.  I’m even more convinced this is possible now – I was able to get within a hundred meters of the terminal without any response.

§        Here’s a thought: most novas have a weakness of some kind.  Perhaps we can find information about those weaknesses in their base?  I certainly wouldn’t leave that kind of information lying around myself, but perhaps we can find clues – especially in their training facilities.  After all, what better way to train than expose yourself to your weakness…

v    Protectors (New!)

Ø     The Protectors are the SAT Superteam based out of Los Angeles.  The 11 core members are among some of the most powerful and effective novas in the country.  They operate as a corporation (Protectors Inc.), and have the second most impressive super-base (the Citadel) in the world (outside of T2M’s HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).  Generally, these are people you don’t want to mess with.

§        Of course, when we got our black hats we had to sign a waiver that made these EXACTLY the people we have to mess with, whether we want it or not.

Ø     Why do we care about a superteam on the other side of the continent enough to distract us from our revenge against a superteam on our doorstep?  Why, opportunity my dear Sherlock.

§        Let’s go back to that email I got from “GorgonOne”, almost certainly Medusa of PSI.  It seems they believe one of those 11 core members, the gadgeteer Brainchild, was once part of their organization under the name Brainstorm.  If it could be proven that one of the members of The Protectors – the very people who “wiped out” PSI in the first place – covertly have a MENTALIST on their payroll… insert evil cackle of glee here.

·        Now, you might be thinking that PSI wants to turn Brainchild into a covert agent – won’t work.  “GorgonOne” said openly that Brainstorm left PSI under bad terms and would sooner die than help them.

Ø     There’s something else I know myself.  There are some tensions between the members – it’s to be expected in a group that size, but stick with me for a moment here.  Several have come out openly in favor of an upcoming California amendment that would require full gun registration – Doc Sonic, Maelstrom, Huntsman, and the group’s leader Quasar to be exact.  While they haven’t actually come out on the other side, several of the other members (Coatlicue, Helios, Silverfist, and Renegade) are quite violent in their own right – and Brainchild actually uses a specially made pistol.  I happen to know this very issue has long been a sore spot in the group (even among Dr. Wraithe and Ace, who don’t fit cleanly into either category).  One wonders if there’s a way to break the Protectors into a more manageable size…



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