From: Disruptor (The)

To: Oamen

RE: Opportunities Update


Here’s the current status of the opportunities you’ve had me following.


v    NEW!  PRIMUS/IHA Link?

Ø     As you know, I’ve been following a number of developments with regards to the Institute for Human Advancement (and by “advancement”, they mean slaughtering of novas).  You and Hexadecimal have been after me to look more into Primus – and I think I may found something right up our alley.

§        As you may remember, the IHA recently announced plans to have a national rally sometime soon – although the location remains up in the air but could be Dayton, Ohio.   I’ve also been keeping an eye on what I believe could be a storage facility for their Minuteman robots near Oxford, Ohio.

§        Well, one of the big questions is why the IHA is having a rally, let alone a nationally announced one.  Scuttlebutt says they’re getting ready to “go public” – that is, politicians that support the IHA are prepared to announce that publicly.  One rumor is going so far as to suggest the IHA is going to actually put candidates on the ballot, maybe even as a political party.

Ø     Now, this is where things get interesting.  I’ve got a line on some information that suggests IHA and Primus are somehow linked.  Given that Primus is currently led by a nova (the Golden Avenger), that’s a dicey proposition.

§        Ordinarily, I’d write this off as paranoid delusions – after all, this is like suggesting the Nazi’s were run by Jews.

§        Then again, history suggests Adolph Hitler may have been only 2 generations removed from Jewish ancestors, and what I’m seeing is similar.

·        Word is, there is an undercurrent in Primus that resents the Golden Avenger.  The suggestion is that she was placed in charge of Primus not for her competence but as a political ploy by Clinton to try and appease the pro-Nova crowd.

¨     Remember, the Nova Registration Act (NRA) was a toothless trivia question of a law before Clinton gave it some teeth after he rode post-Detroit backlash into office.

¨     But come 1994, it looked like he was going to be in trouble at the midterm elections because the American Public suddenly remembered that we like our vigilantes – especially the ones that look cute in tights.  Coincidentally, October 1994 is when the former Golden Girl was named the new Golden Avenger and head of Primus…

¨     Of course there’s an obvious counter-argument.  Ms. Pike (the Golden Avenger’s real name) was already a Primus agent on the move upwards through the ranks when she erupted during the attack of Mechanon #5 in 1993.  Earlier in 1994 she had defeated Firewing – then believed to be one of the most personally powerful novas in existence – handily when he issued his Desert Challenge.

·        Which brings me back to the point.  Rumors that the IHA has finally found a technological way to detect novas spread periodically – kind of like “the rapture is about to happen” in Christian circles, after a while the proper response is “again?”

¨     So what’s different?  There’s actually some evidence that suggests that the technology was developed by Primus – and that they’ve given it to the IHA to field test.  Now, it’s possible this is a “false flag”, or that Primus ‘allowed’ the IHA to ‘steal’ the technology – that’s immaterial to the main point.

¨     Primus has developed the technology to detect novas?  I find that a little hard to swallow.  Primus is many things, but on the cutting edge of technology isn’t one of them.  Oh, they’re more advanced than the average man or woman in the street, but we’re not talking battlesuits or ray guns here.  I’d have an easier time swallowing a rumor that suggested VIPER did it…

¨     Oh, my point?  The one other than “gee it would really be nice to have this capability ourselves”?

Ø     Let’s say Primus did develop the technology.  While there are logical reasons for this to happen (being an unregistered nova is a crime, and this would help them catch “criminals”) there is also no logical reason for them to keep it a secret, especially from their own people.  Forget the public for a moment, how are the Justice Battalion, Protectors, Moderators, Champions, or Capital Gang going to react to this discovery?

Ø     Let’s say they DIDN’T.  Would it be possible for us to pin it on them?  It’d be tricky but might be worth the trouble. 

§        And if they didn’t – who did?  And how worried should we be about that?

Ø     Let’s say that HAVEN’T, and this is just the latest in a series of false rumors about the IHA’s capabilities.  How does that figure into their rally, if at all?  Is this just a case of the tail wagging the dog (that is, the rumor about them having a technological nova detector being spread in response to the rally)?


Ø     As you may remember, “GorgonOne” (who I believe to be Medusa, one of PSI’s main members) asked us to look into the matter of Esper – a powerful mentalist that went missing in Michtendorf last year.  We had other things to do, so I fired back an email asking to trade information.  For the most part, they didn’t want to admit knowing anything we didn’t.

Ø     The exception is noteworthy.  For some silly reason, NASA was chasing Esper around too.

§        NASA?  The space shuttle people?  Chasing a psionic nova around?

·        Well, I hacked into NASA and found out that yes, NASA was coordinating efforts to arrest and detain her with Primus – in fact, it was NASA that pointed out her appearance at Michtendorf to Primus.  Since when are psionics arrested and detained?  April Foolmaker (of CLOWN) may have been arrested, but if you believe that “killed accidentally while trying to escape” thing, I’ve got a few bridges to sell you.

¨     Only thing I can think of is…  NASA thought she was an alien, as in from outer space.

¨     Stop laughing.  Yes, I know it’s a popular belief that there are no space aliens, that the novas claiming extraterrestrial origin like Ironclad, Firewing, and the Warlord are delusional.  After all, there’s never been the “invasion from outer space” the comic books always said was a weekly occurrence when you have superheroes and types.

Ø     And before you say Istvatha V’han, she claimed extradimensional origins not extraterrestrial.

¨     Can you take my word for something?  Many, but not all of them, are from outer space.

Ø     Anyway, it’s not much but it’s more than we had.


Ø     I’m getting some noise on this front, but nothing I can make sense of yet.  The single to noise ratio with both groups has always been too high.

v    Kelvarite

Ø     Nothing new on this front, just the same old alien meteorites with strange properties at a civilian university in Kentucky…

v    Super School

Ø     Interesting new development on this front: apparently there’s a private, invitation only Academy called “Ravenswood Academy” in upper-state New York that fits the profile.  Other than that, I’ve been too afraid to look for more L

v    Champions

Ø     They’re still up their in Millennium City, mocking us J

v    Protectors

Ø     Given everything else I’ve been sorting, I really haven’t looked into this any more.

v    Defiants

Ø     We’ll have to see what happens after the dust settles J

v    NEW! Primus

Ø     Primus just released an alert to their field offices.  Apparently, some of the higher-ups in FEMA believe that a new, designer drug going by the name “soma” (from Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World) is starting to make the rounds.  This isn’t the first time a drug has taken that name; LSD was actually nicknamed ‘soma’ by counter-culture types in the 60’s.  FEMA apparently believes there’s actually something to this and is ordering the Silver Avengers and Iron Guard to look into it.

§        History lesson time!  There was also a nova that called himself Soma during the earliest days of the emergence, the early 70’s.  Fought most of the “early big guns” like Hyperion, Warbird, Libertad, and the Silver Streak a few times.  Last I heard, he was a permanent resident of the Stronghold program.  I took the liberty of checking and… officially at least, he still is.

§        There was also a ‘scare’ in the late 80’s that someone was selling a drug named Soma that, supposedly, was made of ground up nova bones!  The first part was right – someone was selling a drug named Soma – but it was actually little more than crack cocaine cut with crystal meth.  Strictly a small-time organization, although if the formula were to ever get out this drug was almost as addictive as nicotine…

Ø     There’s a rumor that Primus is looking for a new facility for their Cincinnati office.  Currently, they share the Union Terminal with the Justice Battalion – but the JB has been undergoing a growth spurt, and they might be finding it a tight fit.

v    NEW!  Starburst

Ø     Sting was actually the one who asked about him, describing him as “your rival”.  News to me; anything you want to tell me?

§        Anyway, he’s fairly new to the nova scene but has been making something of a splash.  SuperHype! Magazine ran a feature on him last month, and rumors are going around that he is in talks with Primus/FEMA to acquire retroactive registration (it’s rare, but they’re been known to grant it) so he can join one of the SAT teams.

§        Of these, the most prominent rumors place him with the Moderators (apparently he’s from the south?) or the Champions.  I have my doubts about the Champions, since he’d be awfully redundant with Sapphire…