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Last Updated Feb 24, 2003


Nova Ratings

0 – Subject is not a nova (or, subject is a “baseline” human)

1 – Nova is a “typical” nova.  About 87% of novas would be rated as a Class 1.

2 – More powerful than a typical nova, but still far from a world-shaker.  About 11% of novas would be considered Class 2.  (Editor’s Note: the player characters are Class 2)

3 – Not a world-shaker, but still far from typical.  Fewer than 1 in 350 novas would be considered Class 3.

4 – World-class power.  There are only a handful of these in the entire world – even the most liberal estimates suggest there are fewer than 25.

5 – Cosmic.  You could count the known cosmic novas on one hand, and not need all your fingers.


“Has Never Killed” – this refers only to publicly known and acknowledged killings, of course.  One never knows what might lurk in the closets of these heroes…



Powers include MegaStrength, MegaToughness, and MegaFlight.  Can move so fast as to be nearly invisible to the human eye for limited periods of time.

Nova Rating: Class 3.  Grond and the Golden Avenger are stronger, but Durak (of Eurostar) and Warbird (of the Capital Gang) aren’t.

Weakness?  There are consistent reports of individuals able to neutralize her with far less effort than logical, so chances are she has one.  She also lacks ranged attacks, but that isn’t much of a factor given her speed and prowess when up close…  Has never killed.

Likelihood of Solo?  Despite her power level and speed, Mega rarely appears in public without at least one other Justice Battalion member there.



The Nova Cheerleader is super-strong – reports vary on the extent thereof however (some place her on the lower end – “merely superhuman” – while others suggest she’s much closer to Mega’s level than suspected.  There is no room for debate on the matter of her agility however – she is clearly among the most agile novas on the planet.  She is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and her ability to deflect attacks against her with her bracers makes her difficult to attack at range.  She has been able to disable opponents of surprising toughness with a single blow.

Nova Rating: Class 3, despite the fact that many underestimate her.

Weakness?  Uncertain.  There are scattered rumors of non-nova individuals claiming to have neutralized her, but that’s not unusual in the same manner of the exaggerated size of the fish that got away.  Do not be fooled by the “bimbo” act, she is clearly more intelligent than she acts.  Has never killed.

Likelihood of Solo?  Perhaps the highest on the team.  She is much more fond of making “appearances” than the rest of the group, and has also been known to patrol without support on a semi-regular basis.



In appearances the team’s “brick” – big, strong, and tough – but actually comes in behind Mega (and, some say, Victory) in strength.  However, he’s got an edge on her for toughness. 

Nova Rating: Class 2.  Some of his attributes sneak into Class 3 territory, but he clearly lacks diversity.

Weakness?  Not too tactical – jumps in, starts punching – but works well with others.  A little slower than most of his teammates.

Killing? Gargantujuan has killed on 2 occasions.  One (the incident he shares with Gavid) was deemed justifiable by the SAT review board.  The other was ruled accidental and unpreventable.

Likelihood of Solo?  Lower than you might expect.  Seems to be a “follower” personality who prefers having someone around telling him what to do.  Alternatively, he may be under some form of probation within SAT because of his history (see above).


Power Twins

Gamid (silver costume) specializes in the super-visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Gavid (gold costume) specializes in the sub-visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Interestingly, neither has any great talent with the visible part…

Nova Rating: Individually, Class 1.  However, when they combine their powers they are capable of manifestations in the Class 3 and even Class 4 range!

Weakness?  They don’t particularly get along, making combining their powers quite an iffy proposition.  Gavid was involved with the same incident as Gargantujuan (above).

Likelihood of Solo?  Given their power level, a pack of street thugs with guns could be a threat to them.  As such, don’t expect them to operate solo – and don’t worry too much about them in a group either.  Unless they can manage to get their act together…




The Justice Battalion’s mascot was just that – a mascot – until “something” happened.  Nobody knows what it was, but one day Khan started flying around and talking.  The Dachshund Defender is still the team mascot, and also the spokesanimal for Khan’s Meats.  Rumors he turned down offers to stump for have never been confirmed.

Nova Rating: Class One.  He flies, he talks, he’s stronger than mortal Dachshunds, why he’s even litter-trained!

Weakness?  He’s still a canine in many ways.  His shape makes performing certain feats difficult.  He looks pretty silly J

Likelihood of Solo?  Perhaps the lowest in the group.  See, under city ordinance he can’t be in public except behind a fence or on a leash…




Every group needs a speedster, now don’t they?

Nova Rating: Class Two.  He’s got a slight edge on Mega in the speed category, but can’t approach Victory for agility.

Weakness?  Can’t think at the same speed he moves.  Can hit one target pretty hard or a lot of targets much weaker.  May or may not have metabolism-related problems as well (accounts differ).  Like Victory, is often more concerned with getting civilians out of the way than fighting.  Has never killed.

Likelihood of Solo?  Somewhat high, but only because he moves so fast.  He’s usually the “advance man” for the group, since he can get there so much faster than everyone else.



Is either a robot, a construct operated remotely, or a battlesuit with a very small pilot.  One persistent rumor connected to the “robot” possibility is that he was built to capture/kill Arachnaman (domestic defender of New York).  His powers and defenses would seem to bear this out.

Nova Rating: Has powers appropriate to an experienced Class 2

Weakness?  Expected technological weaknesses.  If he is a remotely-controlled construct, it might be possible to interfere with the signal.  If he is piloted, it might be possible to neutralize the pilot.  Has never killed (persistent rumors to the contrary).

Likelihood of Solo? Has never been known to operate except in support of the JB as a whole.  Does not make appearances or the like.




Water-powered superhuman.  Makes ample use of the water supply throughout the city (water mains, fountains, sewers, etc.).  Note that powers include frozen water and steam-style effects.  Skilled, experience combatant (likely a former military person).

Nova Rating: Technically 2, but experience and skill often make him more effective than a rookie Class 3.

Weakness?  Believed to work with orphans and other “disadvantaged” children in addition his heroic duties – may or may not have a vulnerability to exploit there.  Has clearly killed before becoming a nova, probably in the line of duty, but has never killed as a superhero.

Likelihood of Solo?  Virtually non-existent, except for periodic appearances on behalf of childhood charities.  Makes an annual ‘zoo tour’ in the late spring.



“Magical” heroine, often calling herself the “Enchantress of the Green”.

Nova Rating: Hard to define.  She definitely lacks sufficient impact to be considered a true Class Two, but is far too versatile to be considered a “mere” Class One.

Weakness?  As mentioned, doesn’t have the raw “oomph” of most novas.  Clearly is subject to at least some of the traditional “magic” restrictions, although there are conflicting reports about exactly which ones (thought – is it possible she feigns restrictions she is not actually subject too?).  Also, a bit of a PR problem for the Justice Battalion with hyper-conservative groups.

Likelihood of Solo?  Mixed (big surprise, eh?).  Rarely operates as a nova without support.  However, like Victory she is quite fond of making appearances (she would clearly make more but is restrained by the PR concerns).  In particular, she likes to put on ‘magic’ shows.

UPDATE (2/24/3) – This is the sandy-haired woman we fought.  Soon as I get the chance, I’ll run up the fingerprints we took



The above represents the 10 members with the strongest public presence – the ones most likely to be confronted.  However, there are officially 18 novas assigned to the Justice Battalion under their SAT charter.  What follows is a much briefer listing of the remaining 8.


Hyperion – a founding member, and still considered to be a ‘reserve’ member of the team despite his full-time involvement running Sanctuary.  Generally thought of as the first nova and the premiere elder statesmen of the nova set.  Known for his promise to never take a life, something many “white hat” novas at least pay lip service to.


The Librarian – little is known about this individual, who is listed on the charter but does not operate publicly.  Of course, that means she’s the member I for one am most interested in learning about…


Mayday – nova healer in residence, often called the One Man Rescue Crew.


Baethan Electrum – newer member with an odd mix of powers.  She hasn’t been public long enough or often enough to formulate a complete list, but is apparently super-strong, can fly, and fires energy blasts at the least.  Is protected by a force field with strange (and changing?) properties.

UPDATE (2/24/3) – Her desolidification field caught us off-guard; we’d better plan for that one in the future.  Of note, this is the “one that got away”.


Flying Squirrel – Officially only a “reserve member” because of his “duties” as the domestic defender of Dayton, for all practical purposes he’s a Justice Battalion regular.  Rumored to be more dangerous as a detective than as a nova, and has been known to perform escape acts as part of Shayara’s show.

UPDATE (2/24/3) – I have to say he’s a little bit more impressive in person than my data suggested.  Wonder how the fingerprinting will go?


Rubbermaid – Incredibly pliable young woman, able to stretch herself to great lengths.


Strand – Musically-themed, sonic powered heroine.

UPDATE (2/24/3) – She functioned much more like a “tank” type than I was expecting.  Again, fingerprinting will be done when possible.


Goshawk – Bird-themed battlesuit operator (who does detect as a nova, oddly)



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