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This page is intended to serve as a single link to all of my HERO System material, as well as links to other HERO material on the web I’m fond of.  It will definitely be growing with time J




Stuff I’ve written, compiled, or created myself



HERO System 4th to 5th Edition Checklist/Commentary

This is a listing of the major (and a lot of the minor) differences between the 4th and 5th Editions of the HERO System Rules.  It includes no small amount of commentary by yours truly about those changes.  Please note that I’ve kept specifics to a minimum; this article is intended to encourage players to buy 5th Edition, not serve as a substitute.


Review: Champions Universe

Currently my first impressions (typed as I was reading thru the book) and a bottom line.  Will be finalized with reviews of the characters at some point in the not too distant future.


General Character Creation Rules

This is a link to the character creation rules I’m currently using.


Campaign Handout (Initial)

This was handed to the players in preparation for our first full-tilt adventure under HERO System 5th Edition.  It includes a great deal of information about the NeoChampions Universe.  LEGAL STUFF: A great deal of this material is derivative, culled from numerous source including the Champions Universe (current and pre-DOJ), the Aberrant Universe, the Brave New World Universe, the Marvel Universe, and DC Comics Universe.  Very little of this is actually my own creation; rather, it represents material from other sources I’ve modified for use in my own campaign.


Campaign Handout (Second)

This is the campaign handout between the first & second adventure.  It’s lighter on the background information, instead focusing on updating the previous adventure possibilities and adding a few new ones.


Campaign Handout for Session 3

Campaign Handout for Session 4


Overview: Justice Battalion

This link represents a quick overview of the 18 members of the Justice Battalion – the SAT-approved superteam for the Cincinnati Area, based out of a refurbished Union Terminal.  (Quick explanation for people more familiar with the Official Champions Universe than the NeoChampion Universe – SAT stands for Superhuman America Team, and represents the branch of Primus that gives ‘official’ status to superheroes.  Most cities only have a single SAT-approved nova; these are officially called Domestic Defenders by Primus.  Teams like the Justice Battalion, Protectors, Moderators, Champions, and the Capital Gang are expected to cover wide areas.  For example, Louisville Kentucky does not have a Domestic Defender, so Cincinnati’s Justice Battalion covers it.)


Mysteries of the Nova World, Part 1

Mysteries of the Nova World, Part 2

These are sample news articles handed out at the end of the sessions.  The purpose for these is to provide background information not really suited for the opportunity listing on the handouts – although of course I’m fond of sprinkling little hints here and there.

LEGAL STUFF: Again, a great deal of this material is derivative – although more of this material is my own than the Initial Campaign Handout.


FEMA's 10 Most Wanted

This link goes to a listing of the 10 Most Wanted criminals in America according to FEMA, which (among other things) has usurped the role of the FBI in this campaign.



NeoChampions: Nova Population

This link is proof that I had WAY too much time on my hands when the campaign started J  It’s an approximate breakdown of where novas are in reference to the population, complete with ratios.  Note that Level 4 & Level 5 novas aren’t currently listed on this chart.





Character Listings


Default Male (Modern)

Default Female (Modern)

These two represent the man/woman on the street – or future collateral damage, depending on how you look at it.


Wonder Woman (70's TV Series)

This is the result of a half-serious attempt to create a writeup of Wonder Woman as she appears during the 1970’s television series starring Lynda Carter.  I’ve always joked that she’s an excellent example of the various kinds of Focus limitations under the HERO System: OIF Bracelets (they can be removed but not disarmed); IAF Belt/Girdle (not the obvious source of her powers but can be “disarmed” in combat); OAF Lasso; the “Hero ID” alternate outfits (Blue Swim, Blue Cycle, and Skateboard); and that wonderful Tiara that is both an IIF and an OAF.  This particular listing, however, cops out and gives the Tiara an IAF.  I’m hoping to update this one soon…



Affectionately known as “Other People’s Stuff”


Hero Games Home Page

Hero Games Discussion Boards

These are links to the official pages of the people behind the HERO System.  I check the “Hero System Discussion” and “Champions” boards the most frequently (several times a day except on weekends) if you want to get my attention and for some reason don’t want to use my email address (stranger894@yahoo.com).



The Keeper of Infinite Earths

This site is run by the guys that own/operate the comic book store I frequent.  Man I wish I could draw like that…



Legal Stuff

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