FEMA’s 10 Most Wanted


By Thomas C. Huskey, AKA “TheEmerged”

Last Update Mar 25, 2003


Position 1 – Doctor Destroyer


Believed to have destroyed himself along with the city of Detroit, an individual claiming to be Dr. Destroyer announced his return to the world on the 10th anniversary of the Battle of Detroit.  Any sighting of Dr. Destroyer should be treated as an international emergency of the highest order.  Any evidence related to the whereabouts or plans of this subject should be relayed IMMEDIATELY to proper authorities.  Agents are reminded that Destroyer is responsible for the deaths of millions.


Position 2 – The Dread Takofanes


The Dread Takofanes has attacked our dimension only once, and left death – and undeath – in his wake.  Only the discovery of Dr. Destroyer should take precedence over a sighting of this subject.  Agents are advised that the subject is surrounded by a field of lethal energy, and that the subject can repair himself by killing others.


Position 3 – Istvatha V’han


The self-titled Empress of a Billion Dimensions does not present the raw physical threat of Takofanes or Dr. Destroyer.  However, if her claims are accurate (agents are advised not to take them too literally) her resources are vast and she therefore represents an international threat.


Position 4 – Murdoch (of the Teragen)


Although no appearances of this individual since his broadcast of the Null Manifesto can be documented, the Teragen as a whole have their fingers in enough pots that his presence on this list is mandated.  Complicating this matter greatly is the fact that there are no verifiable descriptions of his appearance.


Position 5 – Mechanon


Although Mechanon is currently believed to be inactive, agents are reminded that he has reappeared after destruction 11 times in the past – the arrival of Mechanon 13 should be considered a proposition of “when” not if.  He has been stopped by merely nation-level forces before and has only once been known to operate outside of the United States.  Therefore his inclusion and placement on this list are appropriate.


Position 6 – The Velociraptor


Wanted for conspiracy to commit High Treason against the United States.  Wanted in connection with the destruction of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City (1995).  Believed to be the leader of the terrorist organization calling itself “The Defiants” and/or “The American Resistance.”  Should be considered dangerous and a major “flight” risk; subdue immediately if the subject ‘surrenders’.


Position 7 – The Disruptor


While his most famous crime (the murders of Princess Diana and Prince Dodi Al Fayed in Paris, France) occurred on foreign soil, the Disruptor claims American citizenship and the majority of his subsequent crimes have occurred on American soil.  Subject will not surrender for any reason; agents should immediately advance to using lethal force when confronting him.


Update: As of January 19, 2003, it is clear that the Disruptor has begun operating with three other criminals.  Little is known about the individuals calling themselves Oamen and Sting, but Hexadecimal (formerly, Hexadecimal Heroine) may be connected to the death of 47 people in Washington State.


Position 8 – The Ultimates (Group)


The Ultimates do not have the raw power of Eurostar, or even many individuals or groups not listed here.  However, their teamwork, tactics, and grudge against PRIMUS forces their inclusion on this list.


Position 9 – Eurostar (Group)


Eurostar is placed under the Ultimates solely because they have only once appeared on American soil (in 1990).  This international group of terrorists has committed sufficient atrocities in Europe however that agents are authorized to immediately advance to the use of lethal force should they be spotted here.  Note that two of their members – Scorpia and Feurmacher – are wanted in connection to their involvement in crimes committed by the group Terror Inc. (which they were formerly involved in).


Position 10 – Esper


Esper is a rogue mentalist of considerable power.  She has managed to avoid capture by maintaining a low profile.  Agents are advised to be aware of her appearance and to use lethal force immediately if confronting her, as the subject is capable of controlling minds and there are reports that her mind can operate even if her body is subdued.




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Out Of Character: FEMA is a real world organization.  If you have come to this page externally instead of via the usual chain of links (see the “Hub” link above) you need to know that this is a work of fiction – the list applies to a role-playing game, and is intended to give the players an idea of who the biggest threats in the game-world are.  Also, in this fictional world FEMA has become the primary domestic government group in the country, subsuming the roles of the FBI, IRS, Social Security, and the like.


For individuals with more experience in the Official Champions Universe: Primus in the NeoChampions Universe has supplanted the National Guard as the “domestic military”.  Primus is not technically a law enforcement organization; FEMA operates as a law-enforcement clearinghouse much the way the FBI is supposed to in the real world.  However, because the failing to register under the Nova Registration Act is considered a federal felony (and potential capital crime) in the NeoChampions Universe, Primus is authorized to intervene in any situation involving an unregistered nova.  As such, technically a “Hunted by Primus” limitation would be more accurately described as “Hunted by Primus/FEMA” – and they can’t be bought separately.


Also: where any of the above is contradicted by Official Champions sources, remember that this is MY campaign J  For example, the Nova Registration Act is much more serious in the NeoChampions Universe – reference to Brave New World terminology is not coincidental.