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Monday, March 22, 2004

Peelings, nothing more than Peelings...
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I do this every year... you'd think by now I wouldn't kill myself the first weekend of yard work. So naturally I went and did it again :-( There's this one particular muscle in both legs that's giving me Democrat Responses now... The worst thing is I barely got half done, so I'll have to do it to myself again in the very near future.

On further review, I've decided against starting my grape and kiwi vines this year. When I stopped to think about it, this is cicada year in SW Ohio. Somehow I don't think this would be a good year to try new plants :eek:

I really bombed on the last CSA 271 quiz. My brain went to lunch, that's the only logical explanation. I haven't gotten the grade for the last assignment (which was more involved than difficult) yet, but I'm reasonably certain I did well.

CSA 283 is starting to get the attention it deserves. Of course that's in no small way due to the fact that we're leaving the memorization & theoretical part for the practical.

I've officially started the job search. Filed a few applications online via Monster, did some background checking on some of my "targets", and filed an in-person application with resume at my "main target", Fort Hamilton Hospital/Health Alliance. I'll probably hit my #2 and #3 targets Friday before lab.

Speaking of Fort Hamilton, I've been spending a lot of time there lately. Good friend of the family had a stroke without realizing it, and was up there this weekend. I'll be heading there after class today, both to visit her and to check their job listings (which I didn't have time for before).

Gaming has been sporadic, partially because I've been guilty of gaming moods. Got a SMAC game going, so far it's been pretty standard.

Got the "op" file ready for our next HERO session. I've got the "Epilogue" written in my head, need to get it on file :-) Couple of the ops could end up very interestingly... One disadvantage of the op-file method is that a lot of interesting stories don't get played out; when I had time I used to like to write them out anyway. There's one particular op this time that, if the players don't run it I'll probably write it.

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