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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

All night all day, acronyms on the brain...
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CSA 271 (Java part 2) is going quite well now. Unsurprisingly as we do fewer tests and more programs my grades are going better.

CSA 283 is finally starting some programs. I'm actually 2nd in the class (89 with #1 being 92) -- but this class increasingly gets put on the backburner by CSA 271 and cert classes. I'm gonna have to correct that.

Speaking of the cert classes, W2k classes are worrying me a bit. It *can't* be as easy as the class. I know we've glossed certain areas but I'm worried that we might be glossing a wit too much.

I've discovered another cert I'm probably going to have to pursue -- the Java2 Cert run through Sun. It covers one area not covered in class yet (threads) and two areas I've learned the class doesn't cover (the awt class and "garbage collection"). This will probably be best handled after W2k where, at least in theory, I'll have more time for extra stuff. It sounds like it would be more important for me than the CNA/CCNA chain.

On the gaming side, we had our session Sunday (2/29/4). It was a little weaker combatwise than I'd hoped; I probably scarred the players prematurely. I also had to force their hands a bit to keep them from killing an NPC I wanted to keep alive, something I don't like to do. At least I was able to spin it properly so they didn't resent it. Where I failed was making the encounter against 3 when the players had a vested interest in killing 2.

Overall though it went where I wanted it to. I might have preferred the PC's to rescue Tesseract and traditional GM wisdom says I should leave her caught and make the PC's feel guilty about it. I don't feel like doing that, though; frankly the campaign is going in a different direction and I don't want to chain it down. The PC's are in a position to pursue some of their goals, so I want to facilitate that.

I'll probably put the cancel on EQ soon. I'm not playing, and unemployment is about to run out (I'll get 5 more weeks, counting the 2 weeks whose checks I'll get Friday). I'll probably keep it installed though; it's a financial thing not disk space issue. And I definitely won't blow the characters this time :-p

Resume has gone through yet another revision -- come on, this is ME typing here. I found the Monster.com email, so it isn't far from being officially up where the world can see me.

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