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Thursday, February 05, 2004

It's a MOOOtiful Life
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Miami classes are going okay. Not measuring up to last semester's A+'s right now (high B low A in both) but I didn't exactly get off to a blazing start last semester either.

CSA 283 is definitely starting off FAR more technical than the Network+ classes. We didn't even touch on encryption and signal methods in Network+... Speaking of that, I'm waiting for Protrain and Unemployment/WIA to get their ducks lined up so I can take the test right now. I'm still a little tentative but enough is enough.

CSA 271 (Java 201) is easier than advertised, at least for now. 15/16th done with Assignment 2, need to get something from the prof tonight to finalize it.

Haven't played EQ for a while. Got the NWN bug again, though. Finished "Hordes" eariler today via the "easy" route (getting the enemy's true name). The subject matter of Hordes has been just this side of my usual line -- and it could very easily have gone over that line. It was interesting to see some of the puzzles they've wrung out of the engine this time, and the siege sequence was several different varieities of cool. My only complaint is that a couple of the puzzles were heavier on the "keep trying stuff till it works" than "figure out the clues", and the timed aspects of the siege were a wit bothersome.

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