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Monday, January 05, 2004

Back to Class
File Under: Teacher's Pet

Started back to Protrain classes today. Everyone is suffering from vacation lag -- including the computers. The teacher can't access his own network, and is blaming the ISP he was praising earier in the course.

I'm enjoying the Network+ classes better than the A+ core/OS classes. The material isn't as memorization intensive, and is closer to what I'm going to run into ITRW (in the real world). The new teacher isn't holding attention quite as well however. I'm typing in class for example.

As for the university, books are supposed to go on sale today. I should probably try driving out to Middletown today or tomorrow. Wouldn't hurt to make certain I know the schedule either; having trouble wrapping the old brain around it.

File Under: EverQrack

Hit 52nd Saturday -- and then hit it again, and then hit it again twice Sunday. I'm starting to get flashbacks to my imfamous 22nd level experience (I lost that level 27 times). There aren't as many spells at this level that get filed under "must have", and one of them is vendor sold (the new AE mez) and one I already had (Clarity 2).

I'm seriously thinking that I'm going to have to start a ranger or druid alt. Not having much luck finding cinnie sticks on vendors. At least I can get my INT to 225 via buffs and equipment now. Problem is that I don't have the time to really work on alts anymore.

I did manage to win a roll last night, for a +INT mask. Problem being it's inferior to the one I purchased with AP's and has a recommended level that makes it useless as a hand-me-down. I also managed to find a good low-delay 1hBlunt for Dricnu (my rogue) cheap in the bazaar. Now all I need is time to play Dricnu :-P

File Under: Forgetting Realms

Came to a decision how I'm going to run the NWN expansions. I'm going to go through the original module in "abbreviated" form with my wizard (Gershom Phantos) strictly to pick up money and spell scrolls -- then run him through Undrentide. Once that's done I'll run him through Underdark.

It was tempting to try it with my monk first; after all, she'd be the least affected by the equipment nerf. But monk, while serviceable, isn't my favorite class. Of course my *favorite* class isn't available in NWN (psion)...

File Under: Puppy Love

We missed our latest attempt to take the Blessed Beagle to the rest homes yesterday, what with nigh-Deluge levels of rain and all. I'm hoping to take him next Sunday, especially if his behavior continues to improve. This morning he was able to stay out for over an hour, including food on the able. He's getting better about the biting, although that's an issue still.

File Under: HERO

We're scheduled to go at it again 1/18/4. It'll be an abbreviated scenario -- we're going to run Robo Rally as well. I hope to have the opportunity writeup down by Friday and the "Meanwhile" by the 16th.

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