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Friday, January 02, 2004

Update in the life...
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What can I say, I like to get the new year started with a bad pun :-P

I have earned my first AA point, but I'm struggling to get those last 2 blue bubbles (10 blue ticks) to 52nd. Part of the problem is that I appear to be in a grouping gap again (same problem I had getting passed 40th).

But the biggest part of the problem, frankly, is where I'm hunting. Lately I've been getting invites to the planes, and the more I hunt there the less I like them. Today, for example, I hunted in the Plane of Nightmare for 3 hours -- and have NEGATIVE three blue ticks to show for it even with 90% rezzes. The conventional wisdom is that in PoN and PoJ (Plane of Justice) you trade loot for experience -- but I'm just not seeing it. Yes, I know the exp rate slows down because i'm post-50th level now -- but comparing apples (LDoN adventures) to apples (plane groups) the plane groups aren't equaling my LDoN experience growth rate -- and the LDoN adventure loot makes the PoN/PoJ look pathetic.

On that front, I could pick up the 3rd chest spell (the actual untrapping one) if I wanted it now. Problem being, people are so terrified of chests now I doubt I'll ever get the chance to use them. And for the life of me I can't seem to get people to go to Everfrost (there's an aug from there I want).

As for NWN -- I discovered something I'm glad I discovered when I did. The new expansion's adventure takes away all your equipment right at the front of the adventure. So it really doesn't make sense for me to take my monk and wizard "revamps" through the other two modules again -- I'll just cheat them to the appropriate level and rebuild them to take advantage of the new skills and feats.

Probably not this week but before the end of January I'll start teaching a young adult Sunday School class at church. This should be interesting; in theory I have 6 people already in the class, but in practice 1 of those *might* make it early enough for Sunday School. Me Grimlocke love challenge!

One of my Christmas presents was a video series I'd almost bought myself a couple of times -- Unsolved Mysteries of World War 2. The production values are low and the reporting slanted, but it's still interesting enough that I wouldn't have regretted purchasing it.

Another present was a set of donut baking pans. Results are still mixed, and I've yet to attempt anything filled yet. However even the imperfect-to-date results have been more than merely palettable.

On the weightloss front, I'm down to 207 pounds (from at least 275 and probably closer to 290). I'm ashamed to admit that the best part is that I can now trump my mother's borderline-nagging about how I eat. I haven't changed anything about my eating habits except cutting down on cola intake and I'm still losing weight, you see -- that makes it hard for her to tell me that I'm eating too much or somesuch.

Unfortunately her reaction has been to try and find some other answer. We're up to the fourth such suggestion now -- that I'm drinking lemon and lime juice and they're what's causing me to lose weight. Except for the small problem that I've always drunk lemon and line juice in fair quantities; whatever else I disregard from the health freaks I happen to like citrus juices and therefore consume them.

Is it really so hard for people to accept that I'm exercising now and therefore my activity level is closer to my caloric consumption rate? No pills, no starvation, no wacko eating lists... I'm eating what I want in the amounts I want, with the exception that I've cut back on one thing I always admitted I overdid. Instead of 90 ounces of cola a day on average, I'm doing 36-40 counces now. I'd actually like to get down to 24 or so but that just isn't happening yet.

I'm deleting the rest of this topic, I'm dangerously close to a rant here. I love my mother -- it says something that her nutritional "issues" are my biggest problem with her.

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