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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

NWN Report

Kinda on hold what with finals and all. About halfway through chapter 2 with my new evil rogue/fighter -- he'll probably hit 22nd before it's done. I probably should have gone Weapon Master or Assassin at 21st, in hindsight. Once I get into the higher levels legitmately I'll probably try them out.

As for actually running through Shadow's actual campaign, I'll have to resurrect Gershom Phantos (flat out wizard), rebuilt with a better feat & skill selection to reflec the changes,

Norrath Report
File Under: EQ

We got my Leviathan Eyes spell Monday night. Despite reports that the drops were rare we managed to get both drops in under 30 minutes. Spell is pretty cool -- effectively a componentless Water Breathing that can be cast on others and just happens to have Ultravision & See Invisible too. Of course it would be nice if the other two functions meant much more often...

One down...
File Under: College

Took the Java final last night. I probably didn't ace it but was definitely within the bullseye. That leaves my Physics final Thursday night; we have a "practice" session tonight. Of course, that interferes with three or four other things I need to do today, holidays being what they are.

Sunday, December 14, 2003

They got the bastard!
File Under: YeeeeeHAAAAAAAA!

Saddam has been captured.


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