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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Darn the torpedoes -- and fire the socks!
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Had the last Java class last night. No wonder it's divided in two parts -- we never touched files. Last physics class is tomorrow; I have 4 chapters of homework to do before class.

Java examine will be "mostly program" according to the prof. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I'm a little concerned about the physics final -- which will be 40% oral. And we *still* haven't gotten any homework back in physics...

As for the Network+, my initial opinion of the new teacher has proven accurate: he's neither better nor worse than the previous. He is more up to date, but he's guilty of "Real World(tm)" arrogance. That is, you could make a drinking game by taking a shot every time he says some variant of "But in the real world..."

Today involves a lot of binary math. Thankfully this is something I am comfortable with. It's also something I'm glad he's covering -- I got hit hard with addressing questions on the A+ core, and I want this securely understood before I take the Network+.

The HERO session went well. Group didn't manage to break Eurostar down into smaller chunks, but managed to beat them outright. Poor Sting only managed 1 hit the entire fight however -- bad luck for someone that is designed to hit 3 times a phase. Janie/Hexadecimal didn't get much use out of her new Instant Change advantage on the multiform either; she spent most of the fight in Menta mode to counteract Dulak. I feel that I had good use out of The Disruptor; he contributed to the fight without overshadowing the true PC's. Oamen's new Mental Defense Force Wall was a big hit -- possibly the main reason for success by effectively nullifying Mentalla. The only disappointment was that the players didn't pursue the "true threat".

Monday is becoming EQ night -- right now Gershom Tradenut is 51st level and about halfway to his first AA point. This week I helped Oamen and Venm work toward one of their higher level spells. Died twice, but got rezzes both times so it's no loss (just not as much of a gain as it could have been). Next Monday they're probably going to help me get my Leviathan Eyes spell. That's less playing than I've done for the last month or three, but with finals what do you expect?

You expect me to sneak in NWN of course. Pick up Hordes, installed it -- and promptly created a 21st level character to run through the first module in. The first module is boring and repetitve and I'd really like to finish Shadows sometime -- but the first module is pretty much must-run for the hench-loot.

On the job front, I got a reference call for Heather (one of the two people laid off at the same time I was) -- for an EDI job. Hopefully she gets it; she is more than capable of the position described to me, and it would allow me to brag about having a buddy in the gaming business :-D

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