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Thursday, November 20, 2003

LONG Overdue Update

Let's see, I got laid off, I've gone back to college, I started playing EQ again...

Don't fret about the job thing -- between the certification preperation classes and college I'm effectively a full-time student. I won't even be looking at returning to the job market until March of 2004 and won't be serious until May.

I passed the A+ OS Certification from CompTIA yesterday with a score similar to my A+ Core -- nothing to celebrate but nothing to be ashamed of either. I start work on the Network+ certification 12/1/2003. I'm a little concerned about a change of teachers for the course at ProTrain might mean, but no alarms going off yet.

So far I'm getting an A- in physics and an A in Java. The physics grade is naught short of a miracle -- that class was part of the reason I dropped out of college back in the early 90's (long story I don't care to repeat). I am already signed up for the 2 remaining classes I'll need to get the stinking piece of paper -- err, my Associates Degree. As for the Java degree, I'm almost ashamed it's as low as it is...

My friend Jeremy, in revenge for mine getting him into EQ in the first place, talked me into reactivating my account because of the Lost Dungeons of Norrath Expansion. My only regret is that this decision pushed back my gaming budget. LDoN almost makes EQ what I was expected when I first purchased it back on 5/5/99. My original characters (including Auntie Shaynta) are long gone & deleted, but my new characters (primary Gershom Tradenut and Dricnu Tradent) are quite fun.

In fact, I just got the email saying they've been moved back to my original server (E'ci). Which of course sets the gaming budget even further back, but I'm not going to complain. Gershom is now about halfway through 48 -- Auntie was 35 when she left her final corpse in the Hole. I haven't had a chance to get his languages up to par (Auntie had nearly every language in the 90's) but he's better of tradeskill wise. Now he's back on my old server so he can again group with Haludan, Oamen, and the rest of the gang.

The next HERO session is scheduled for 11/30/3. The party has excepted a contract to kill Eurostar for Mastodon. Should get interesting :-)

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