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Thursday, April 17, 2003

No Blood For Pottery!

Interesting article at this link, discussing the lost artifacts "looted" during the fall of Iraq.

On topic, it's clear they were looted -- the biggest question is who did the looting. My money is on Ba'ath cronies.

On tangent, Robin makes a very interesting point I wish many in Christian circles would take into consideration.

"All too many people have given up the seriousness, the responsibility, and the implications of actually living, of actually making history. The concept of an "end to history" struck a resonating chord with a great many people, and the idea is widely held, especially in the industrialized world, even if more often than not only sub-consciously. [Note: I will have much more to say on that subject in a few days, stay tuned] Even after the end of the Cold War, the Gulf War, 9/11, the Iraqi Liberation, and so much more, many people still cling to the notion. I think it says something about the deep, dark underlayment of leftism that many of them lack the imagination or the maturity to consider seriously taking part in the ongoing process of history. The events proceeding now are no less momentous and no less dramatic than any throughout history. The stakes are high and the outcome is as yet uncertain. How could you not look at the liberation of 24 million people and see History, with a capital 'H', writ large across the pages of time? These critics lack confidence and faith in humanity, it is as simple as that. They lack faith in the ability of humanity to create new historical events of great import, to create new works of art, to produce the cultural artifacts which are the common jetsam of every healthy, thriving civilization. I find that lack of faith more than a little unsettling."

First, no cracks about paragraphs -- I'm not going to insert them without permission of the author, and it's not worth the time to pursue them :-)

Second, this phenomenon isn't restricted to the Left -- you find it in a lot of the "Left Behind" crowd too. Don't get me wrong, I believe Christ is coming back to judge the world and I think it would fit the pattern of His previous judgements to remove or exclude His people from His judgement (that may or may not include a Rapture). I'm a little dubious of the evidence the Left Behind crowd uses, but that's a tangent and a rant for another day.

Sticking to my INTENDED tangent (:rolleyes:), the "end of history" mentality is a problem in the Church. There's a church down the road from where I work that had a sad message on its marquee a little while back: "All my problems will be over when Jesus comes."

There is something so... wrong about that attitude on so many levels it's difficult to go into them as strongly as I want to without ranting. I wanted to sneak out of work some Wednesday, go in that building & find a deacon/usher/layman, grab them by the collar, and point to the housing development right across the street. "DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE HOW SELFISH THAT SIGN SOUNDS! THIS CITY IS FILLED WITH PEOPLE WHOSE PROBLEM WILL BE GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL WHEN JESUS COMES!

/* makes his "breakout" roll, no longer Enraged

It's infuriating sometimes. It seems like half the Church wants to "restore" an idealized past that never existed, and the other half just wants to "build an ark" and twiddle their thumbs till Jesus comes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Interesting "Straight Dope" on one of my favorite quasi-mythical heroes.


Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I'd like to care about this one, really I would...

Group trying to get Mike Moore's "Bowling" Oscar revoked.

As per the subject header, this is something I ought to be strongly behind -- but I just can't gather the ire. I gave up caring about the Oscars years ago; the "Jump The Shark" moment for me there was when Beauty & The Beast didn't win. I have since, generally speaking, given up on award programs in general. My recent write-in vote on behalf of the HERO crowd for Origins (although I couldn't write in Champions and look at myself in the mirror) was probably the first time in years I've done anything of that sort.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Pre-emptory Fisking

This is one heck of an article


""Weapons of Mass Destruction. Remember them? Not a single one has yet been found" (Bill Neely, ITV, April 10). MBITRW: Actually, I almost wish this one were true. Anything that turns up now will be assumed to have been planted. If I were Washington, I'd consider burying anything I found. After all, an America that feels no need to bother faking justifications for invasion would be far more alarming to most Europeans. Instead, horrible things will turn up, but will never be "conclusive" enough for the French, who've got all the receipts anyway."

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