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Friday, April 04, 2003

The Piper is Coming For His Payment

Excellent article on the post-Iraq politics linked HERE.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

By Request

Link 1.

Link 2.

Link 3. Good example of the sentiment behind my "grow a backbone" statement.

#4 -- Good one.

From a wrestling sight
Some WWE fans have set up an on-line petition against Sen. Joe Lieberman, who is running for president. It states: "Senator Joseph Lieberman has announced his candidacy for the 2004 Presidential elections. This is very much the motivation for this article, as Senator Lieberman has repeatedly been a danger to free speech. He is a prominent member of the Parents Television Council, which is no stranger to wrestling fans, as their actions led to a number of sponsors withdrawing their support of WWE programming, to the point that WWE parodied them with an on-screen group, Right To Censor. Senator Lieberman is perhaps most famously known as an anti-free-speech advocate from his battles with the video game industry, to which WWE is strongly tied through their well-sold games, especially the Smackdown series. Every election Senator Lieberman wins is a danger to free speech, and being in a higher office, particularly that of the President of the United States, would be incredibly harmful to any group that went against the conservative views of what is right and wrong. Very high on that list would be WWE. We ask that WWE devotes a minimal amount of time and effort, comparable to that which they normally devote to their 'Smackdown Your Vote' campaign, to see that viewers of WWE programming are aware of the potential dangers to their favored programming presented by politicians with such agendas."

His own official web site.
The "media & children" link from there.
A listing of his official press releases.

Of course, he always couches it in terms of "ending the marketting to children" and "enforcing the standard".

Tuesday, April 01, 2003


There's one less American POW than there was a while ago...


"American troops have rescued Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, who had been held as a prisoner of war in Iraq since she and other members of her maintenance unit were ambushed March 23, the Defense Department announced Tuesday.

Lynch, 19, of Palestine, W.Va., was part of the 507th Maintenance Company, which was ambushed near Nasiriyah after making a wrong turn during early fighting in the invasion of Iraq. Five other members of her unit were later shown on Iraqi television answering questions.

Lynch had been listed as missing in action but was identified by the Pentagon Tuesday as a POW. She was not among the seven U.S. soldiers -- including the five from the 507th shown on television -- formally listed as prisoners of war.

Relatives and friends said Lynch, a supply clerk, joined the Army to get an education and follow her dream of becoming a teacher. Her older brother, Gregory, is a member of the National Guard.

If anybody needs me for the next hour or two, I'll be shouting Hallelujah!

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