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Saturday, March 15, 2003

Freedom of Speech: It's a knife that cuts both ways

Dixie Chicks being boycotted for asinine crack.

Dixie Chicks insist they have freedom of speech, and think going to war worse than being attacked by a madman.

In fairness, at the time I'm typing this she's at least shown the guts to apologize, although one questions whether she's apologizing for the remark or because Heaven Forbid! saying something your fan base finds offensive just *might* be detrimental to your career. So at least she didn't pull an Alec Baldwin...

Oh look, she's upset about the rush to war. Rush to war? You call taking a year "rushing"?

Get one thing through your heads, people. She had every right to make this remark. I have every right to react to the fact she made that remark, and plan my music/concert purchases accordingly. Their fans have the right to boo their butts out of the country when their tour starts. Radio stations hav the right to take them off the air if they want to keep their customers.

Freedom *OF* Speech is not Freedom *FROM* the consequences of your speech.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Playing Chess With a Madman


Begin Quote
"An illuminating metaphor here is a game of chess between two equally skilled players: no matter how bitter the conflict between them, each can understand the rationale and motivation behind the other player's moves - and in fact, if the other player appears to make an irrational move, his opponent will be hesitant to conclude that the move was a mere mistake, and will be far more likely to suspect that it is a trap and act accordingly.

But what happens when you a playing chess with someone who refuses to accept the rules of the game? How do you respond if your opponent begins to jump his knight in all sorts of bizarre zigzag patterns, so that you cannot predict where he will land or what piece he will seize?

In a game of chess the answer is obvious: You stop playing with the madman and go your separate way. But this, unfortunately, is not an option in dealing with genuine conflicts arising in the real world. That is why the supposed realism expressed by the concept of Realpolitik can only be of value in a world comprised exclusively of rational actors.
End Quote

Monday, March 10, 2003

The Dowd Report, Now Online

The Dowd Report, on Pete Rose, can now be found online at that link.

The difference between Excellent Articles and Merely Good Articles

The excellent ones make comic book references.

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