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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Memories, Light the Bonfires of my Mind...


Some of my oddest memories of my years at the "conservative, business-minded" university I attended are discussions held with devote Marxists -- most of whom were either professional students or the teachers. I am not in the LEAST surprised that Marxism is re-inventing itself in the face of the overwhelming evidence against it; quite the contrary, I saw the beginnings of this when I was in college.

The whole "Russia, China, and Cambodia aren't true Marxist" line of defense so common in the late 80's/early 90's is an expected tactic for any movement that so defined itself by words while ignoring their own actions. Make no mistake, Marxism has always been more interested in names than deeds -- insert Political Correctness joke here.

The concept that Marx has been "misunderstood" and "was right about more than he is given credit for" is just the natural extension thereof. While I forget the term intelligenstia are fond of, to say that Marx was right about more than he got credit for is fairly meaningless -- it's probably true about every loudmouth that ever got on a soapbox to rant. A stopped clock, after all, will be right twice a day -- more often than you'd expect until you stop and think about it.

As for the alleged "misunderstanding", well, a wise guy once told me that anybody whose words needs interpretation shouldn't be trusted any further than you can throw them. There's not a whole lot of interpretation necessary to figure out that his beliefs exhibit a comical lack of understanding about basic human nature -- and I'm not talking about psychology. It's the sort of thing that only an intellectual could believe.

If you follow the link, be sure to read the comments. It's an easy and obvious criticism of that article that, like the marxists it mocks it identifies a problem without offering concrete solutions. Of course, in a way that IS the solution. Marxism is an ideal, and ideals cannot be defeated with logic any more than logic can be defeated by ideals.

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