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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Presenting... My Sidekick, Buster The PupEmerged!

Buster shown unleashing the power of his Thermonuclear Yawn!

Buster is about 6-weeks old in this picture, just after we got him. We've had him not quite two months now. I'm hoping to get a new picture of him this weekend.

Oh boy, this is a wild one...


Relevant Quote: "Dispel can be used against an Endurance Reserve with the same rules as for Adjustment Powers (which are on 5E 103). That should keep things consistent and easy to remember.
Steve Long
HERO System Line Developer"

Looks like there's finally a good counter for END Reserve!

Mr. Theismann? The DEA wants to know what's in the Cup of yours...


In the middle of an otherwise good discussion about the AFC Nowhere, he makes this complete Non Sequiter...

"Cincinnati is the X-factor in the AFC North. If the winless Bengals pull some surprises, they could screw up the postseason hopes of a division team or two."

Right. And if Carman Kass, or that one model who's name I've had no luck learning, were to throw themselves at my feet and profess they'd rather be my secretary than the wife of any other man on the planet, I might take them seriously.

Memo to all the so-called Sports Experts: the Bengals are not a "sleeper" team one or two lucky breaks or single position from being a playoff team. They are currently nothing short of an act of Almighty Providence (that would be God Himself for those that don't get the reference) from even COMPETING in the NFL. TMQ (Tuesday Morning Quarterback) seems to be the only football commentator in print that realizes this.

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