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Friday, September 27, 2002

4 Not exactly random dates I want to remember

Sept 7
Oct 6
Nov 4
Dec 4

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Stop Betting With My Life, Gore!

Link here to a "Fisking" of Gore's anti-Bush speech.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Note to self...

...Links back to the main page from the individual pages are a good idea.


Okay, so I'm easily impressed ( 8-0

Anyway, I got a link to my HERO 4th Edition checklist up as a seperate page. Gee, I might actually learn this HTML stuff if I keep this up.

DING! It Worketh!

For the record, I found that picture on someone else's blog recently, I have no idea of the source thereof.

Now to try some other things...

And now, for my next experiment...

/me crosses fingers...


I've upgraded to BlogSpot Plus... let's see how well this works...

Monday, September 23, 2002

By The Way...

...Are the Panthers scheduled to play a MNF game this year? For three years running, the team that takes home the Vince Lombardi Trophy has done so in a year they didn't play on MNF. Note to self, check the schedule when I get home...

...After a 1-2 start in Week 1, my three favorite teams (Patriots, Eagles, and Whoever-is-playing-the-Cowboys) are 7-2 now. Okay, two of those seven wins are redundant (the Eagles won, the Cowboys lost this week), but that's going to happen. If you count that game once, I'm still 6-2.

...Who's the best player on the Bengals right now? The guy who gave them this schedule. Seriously, the Bengals are re-inventing pathetic this year.

...What's the game to watch next week? Chargers at Patriots. Both teams are 3-0, so this will be a battle for legitimacy. Honorable mention goes to Panthers at Packers. The game to MISS is going to be Vikings at Seahawks (0-3 vs 0-3).

Pet Peeves Rant 9/23/2

1> Sports commentaters who think "Give [the star] the ball" is the solution to a team's problems. It's been almost painful checking the various sports sites before tonight's Rams/Buccs matchup, because they're all saying the same thing -- Give Marshall Faulk The Ball ! Don't get me wrong, I like the Rams okay, in a "second tier of teams I watch" kind of way (first-tier teams being the Patriots, the Eagles, and Whoever Is Playing The Cowboys). But there's this nagging part of my personality that wants Mr. Faulk to have 30 carries for 40 yards tonight.

See, it's my experience that "the star" is usually the problem when otherwise good teams start experiencing the problem. The "Give Him The Ball" crowd is annoying, of course, but the real problem is that this just isn't how it works in the real world. If anything, pinning all your hopes on one of 45 players is more likely to make things go wrong when it counts -- ask the 80's/early 90's Broncos and Dolphins how well it works, for example.

What's happening with The Rams, My Opinion? They're playing like they expect to win by showing up, same problem the Packers had for the two years right after the Reggie Bowl (ie, the Super Bowl they won). Nothing will defeat a team like the feeling like you're supposed to win, let alone that you "deserve" to win.

Incidentally, the game is underway and I haven't checked the score/stats yet. For all I know it's a 42-0 Rams blowout right now... Not that I care too much who wins (there's a reason I haven't checked the score, y'know).


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