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Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I think I'm gonna be checking this site more regularly


Favorite line...

"Bengals Pregame Meal -- Ambien and Warm Milk: On ESPN's "Countdown" pregame show, Chris Berman chose the Cincinnati Bengals as his "sleeper" team of the year. Cincinnati went on to lose by 28. Perhaps Berman meant to say his "snoring" team of the year. Next week: Cincinnati coaches ask hotel operators for wake-up call at 1 p.m. Eastern."

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Monday, September 09, 2002

Talk about your ugly starts

The game isn't 4 minutes old, and the Pittsburgh Steelers already have 3 penalties, 2 interceptions, and a touchdown against them.

NFL Week One Commentary

Why do I get made when I hear coaches say they don't like to be perceived as running up the score? Titans 27, Eagles 24 -- with no Eagle points in the 2nd half. I didn't get to see this game (much as I'd like to, I can't justify paying for NFL Ticket) but sure what the stats look like to me...

I'm hoping some teams learned from this week how important special teams can be. Of the 4 games I watched/saw part of, 3 were decided in no small part by special teams play.

Welcome to the Real World, Ram-ALamaDingDongs! Apparently losing despite being heavily favored in the last Super Bowl wasn't enough of a reality check, because they clearly expected to beat Denver by showing up this weekend. I don't even think they were *awake* until the 3rd quarter. Worse, they had a Bengals-Under-Schula level gaff in playmaking by not kicking a field goal when within range on 4th down and down by 3. Don't get me wrong I like the way many of the Rams aren't ashamed of the Gospel -- but when you play like that you're not exactly doing your job in the witnessing department.

As for the Texans debut -- I'd caution anybody in Houston against getting their hopes up to hit 50% this year. Yes, they beat the Cowboys last night, but that had more to do with the Cowboys than the Texans. Carr did show some potential, but what I saw last night was a team that got a couple of lucky breaks against a team that was almost as bad as they were. You'll watch better executed games in NFL Europe, folks.

Oh, and that same game had an excellent example of the Original & Best Replay Official at work. Texans got an absolute gift in the form of a highly-questionable fumble recovery on a kickoff. There wasn't enough evidence to overturn it, but they didn't get much out of it either when Carr threw his first interception (they did get SOMETHING out of it, what with costing the Cowboys a timeout and running time off the clock).

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to run down to the car so I can get ready for some football...

First, the important stuff...

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