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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Random Thoughts

A buddy at work let me use his copy of NeverWinter Nights while he fixes his machine. I have to say, first impressions weren't too good. On the other hand, I played it most of the night :)

Onto comics. I don't know what happened to Sojourn's art quality this month (after all, next month represents the change in inkers) but *something* went downhill this month. The conclusion to "Stealing Thunder" in JSA was much more satisfactory. While I was a huge fan for the android Hourman, having Hourman 2 on the team permanently is good.

Jury is still out on this Crimson Avenger character, though, even though I've long been a proponent of the "who says heroes don't kill" argument. I'm Sand, the Ultra-Humanite doesn't live long enough for Icicle or Crimson to do the deed. There's a certain point where it's called for, and enslaving the world qualifies :-P I guess the bottom line is whether or not she turns out to be actually interesting as opposed to the "token" tortured black she appears to be heading towards. I'll reserve judgment, Goyer and company have earned at least that much.

The end to Black Panther's "Enemy of State 2" was expected, and disappointing because of that. I smelled the author's desire to do his own version of the Batman thing from JLA, and sure enough that's what it boiled down to. Pity, the rest of the story has been fun.

EQ's been minimal the last week or so; I've mostly been keeping with my "only two or three nights a week" ration. I spent most of Monday night doing the "prepare to play" thing, which has always been my biggest gripe about EverQrack. Yes sir, trying to take 3 characters from various parts of Faydwer to East Freeport is fun -- if you're a sadist. Thankfully I'm well practiced at the boats, and managed to do it with only one "wait for the boat" time. Still, I spent 6 hours Monday *getting ready to play* on future dates.

I spent Tuesday grouping with some of the dumber people I've ever grouped with in North Ro. Not the dumbest -- that stupid dwarf at the South Karana Spires will probably hold that distinction for some time -- but they were that dangerous mix of over-cautious and foolhardy that can be frustrating. I'm sorry, anybody that would attack a full camp of 6 dervs with 5 players but hesitate to to attack a camp of 3 dervs with 4 players is just asking to be mocked.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002


Saw the Scooby Doo movie this weekend. Good, empty-headed fun for the most part. The exceptions were a few out-of-place jokes that seemed to be the writer's way of saying "We're making a modern movie about a kid's show from thirty years ago, so excuse us while we revel in the lower standards." I especially liked how that malignant twit Scrappy turned out to be the villain. I didn't like the obvious cliche of having the guys "enjoy" being in a woman's body, though.

For the jokes that *weren't* out of place, some were good enough to leave me gasping for breath. For some reason the scene of Scooby walking through the airport in a disguise hit me harder than it probably should have :) Some of the little throwaways, like the Mystery Machine smoking, were just suggestive enough to be funny when we saw how "innocent" they were. Whatever else I think of what the screenwriters did or didn't do right, they had the throwaways right.

As for the casting... Whoever that was playing Shaggy was freaking born to play that role. Velma was passable, although it was a little too obvious that this was an attractive woman trying to come across a nerd. As for Fred and Daphne, though... don't make me go there. For effects... The animators of Scooby Doo might have erred a little on the side of making him more "realistic", but he was more expressive than some of the TV ads make it look.

Give it a B for enjoyment and a C- for family-friendly (not as bad as I was expecting for the latter, actually). Worth seeing before it comes on video, but not worth picking up on video.

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