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Friday, December 30, 2005

Long Time No See

Was actually trying to find my ftp files here...

Thursday, April 29, 2004

File Under: Hi ho, hi ho...

Got called for an interview finally, my first since beginning the job hunt. That's the good news.

Bad news? If I get it, my new career will be as a consultick :-P

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Another Cert Under the Belt
File Under: Blah blah blah

I passed the 70-210, although not with the score I expected. I must have pulled some real boners :-0

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Moving right along
File Under: Blah blah blah

Officially signed up for the W2K Professional (70-210) test today; earliest we could get our schedules together was 4/6/4 and even that is earlier than I care for (9:30am). I was really hoping to get it this Thursday; the sooner I get it done the sooner I can get the 70-215 done -- and the sooner I get THAT done I can start on the MCSA in earnest.

While the family friend I mentioned earlier is doing better, got hit with a piece of bad news in my actual if extended family -- an aunt on my Dad's side appears to have cancer in her colon that has spread to several other areas (including liver). That's very not good.

Been on a character creation binge in HERO lately. It's clear that one of my first purchases when I have money coming in again is going to be Hero Designer v2.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Peelings, nothing more than Peelings...
File Under: Blah blah blah

I do this every year... you'd think by now I wouldn't kill myself the first weekend of yard work. So naturally I went and did it again :-( There's this one particular muscle in both legs that's giving me Democrat Responses now... The worst thing is I barely got half done, so I'll have to do it to myself again in the very near future.

On further review, I've decided against starting my grape and kiwi vines this year. When I stopped to think about it, this is cicada year in SW Ohio. Somehow I don't think this would be a good year to try new plants :eek:

I really bombed on the last CSA 271 quiz. My brain went to lunch, that's the only logical explanation. I haven't gotten the grade for the last assignment (which was more involved than difficult) yet, but I'm reasonably certain I did well.

CSA 283 is starting to get the attention it deserves. Of course that's in no small way due to the fact that we're leaving the memorization & theoretical part for the practical.

I've officially started the job search. Filed a few applications online via Monster, did some background checking on some of my "targets", and filed an in-person application with resume at my "main target", Fort Hamilton Hospital/Health Alliance. I'll probably hit my #2 and #3 targets Friday before lab.

Speaking of Fort Hamilton, I've been spending a lot of time there lately. Good friend of the family had a stroke without realizing it, and was up there this weekend. I'll be heading there after class today, both to visit her and to check their job listings (which I didn't have time for before).

Gaming has been sporadic, partially because I've been guilty of gaming moods. Got a SMAC game going, so far it's been pretty standard.

Got the "op" file ready for our next HERO session. I've got the "Epilogue" written in my head, need to get it on file :-) Couple of the ops could end up very interestingly... One disadvantage of the op-file method is that a lot of interesting stories don't get played out; when I had time I used to like to write them out anyway. There's one particular op this time that, if the players don't run it I'll probably write it.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

All night all day, acronyms on the brain...
File Under: Blah blah blah

CSA 271 (Java part 2) is going quite well now. Unsurprisingly as we do fewer tests and more programs my grades are going better.

CSA 283 is finally starting some programs. I'm actually 2nd in the class (89 with #1 being 92) -- but this class increasingly gets put on the backburner by CSA 271 and cert classes. I'm gonna have to correct that.

Speaking of the cert classes, W2k classes are worrying me a bit. It *can't* be as easy as the class. I know we've glossed certain areas but I'm worried that we might be glossing a wit too much.

I've discovered another cert I'm probably going to have to pursue -- the Java2 Cert run through Sun. It covers one area not covered in class yet (threads) and two areas I've learned the class doesn't cover (the awt class and "garbage collection"). This will probably be best handled after W2k where, at least in theory, I'll have more time for extra stuff. It sounds like it would be more important for me than the CNA/CCNA chain.

On the gaming side, we had our session Sunday (2/29/4). It was a little weaker combatwise than I'd hoped; I probably scarred the players prematurely. I also had to force their hands a bit to keep them from killing an NPC I wanted to keep alive, something I don't like to do. At least I was able to spin it properly so they didn't resent it. Where I failed was making the encounter against 3 when the players had a vested interest in killing 2.

Overall though it went where I wanted it to. I might have preferred the PC's to rescue Tesseract and traditional GM wisdom says I should leave her caught and make the PC's feel guilty about it. I don't feel like doing that, though; frankly the campaign is going in a different direction and I don't want to chain it down. The PC's are in a position to pursue some of their goals, so I want to facilitate that.

I'll probably put the cancel on EQ soon. I'm not playing, and unemployment is about to run out (I'll get 5 more weeks, counting the 2 weeks whose checks I'll get Friday). I'll probably keep it installed though; it's a financial thing not disk space issue. And I definitely won't blow the characters this time :-p

Resume has gone through yet another revision -- come on, this is ME typing here. I found the Monster.com email, so it isn't far from being officially up where the world can see me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Up Date, Down Time
File Under: Blah blah blah...

Passed the Network+ test cleanly last Friday. For the most part, it was easier than the A+ or OS+ tests -- and this is coming from someone that had never set up a network or done a network install before July 2003. There *were* some questions that annoyed me; one in particular involving fault tolerance that turned on which nagging exception they wanted (I guessed the wrong one).

I'm now taking classes for the Windows 2000 Server and Professional certs. Based on what I'm hearing, it's going to be in my interest to pursue the CNA in the near (and perhaps immediate) future. Means $200 out of my pocket, though; WIA won't pay for it because it's so vendor specific. Unless the unemployment extention gets extended (and that's not looking likely, unfortunately) I'm going to have to stick it out for at least a month (April) and maybe two (May).

What that boils down to is, I need to start getting into the job market. My goal is to have my resume updated and back on Monster.com by the end of the week. I've delayed because I didn't feel right asking employers to wait for several months -- 8 weeks isn't so much to ask :-)

As for gaming, started running my "evil female monk" through Hordes to see how different it is. My gut tells me, "not much" -- this is not Fallout after all. Actually, I find the more NWN I appreciate Fallout/2 and Arcanum... and even older products like Dragon Wars and Wasteland. The sheer since of being herded in most CRPG's has gone from being annoying to being an expected downside. Would it really be too much to expect to be allowed to, you know, role play?

On a suggestion I've started downloading the player-made modules -- so far I am *NOT* impressed and quite often I'm downright bothered. One that came recommended, for example, starts off by stealing my equipment and nerfing me back to Level 1. That would be bad enough -- but I've had no real control over dialog trees to date. It's not a module, it's a story told in the game engine. And I don't care for the writing either...

So naturally, I've gotten the urge to go back to The Sims again (roll eyes here). I really haven't played seriously since Hot Date half-ruined the game for me. It's bad enough I'm still trying to rebuild my old neighborhood that got corrupted -- did they have to make it harder for me to get everyone's relationships where I want them? If I still had the cash flow it'd be more tempting to hunt down one of those alleged editors...

But I have to admit, "Makin' Magic" just might be the best expansion The Sims had. There's something to pursue, mini-games, and new takes on several old standbys. However my *biggest* complaint about the Hot Date and forward expansions is yet again true -- the inability to control NPC creation or even edit them afterwards. I happen to like having very unusual Sims running around, but it's annoying to see the heads & skins mismatched the way they inevitably are on the random NPC's.

I haven't bought an XBox game in a while. The honest truth is that they just haven't released anything that interests me enough to put down the money in quite a while (Godzilla being the last).

Our next HERO session is scheduled for the 29th of Feb. The party will be trying to steal an artifact from The Protector's trophy room. I'm awaiting responses from the pre-adventure sheet now.

I've gotten the letter saying Miami has officially transferred my old classes now. Although I'll finish the last class in late April/Early May I won't actually get the degree until August.

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